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Underhill is really easy to find, but then I would say that having been about 500 times. For those of you with Satellite Navigation, all you'll probably need is the postcode, EN5 2DN.

However, if you're coming by other means, you'll find this page quite useful, whether by train  or car . Although if you already know your way here and are looking for things do to, have a look at the what to do  section

In most instances below, I have directed each to Barnet High Street, where further instructions are left underneath.


From The North

You're likely to approach Barnet from either the A1 or M1 if you're coming from the North. Any other route and you're sure to hit the M25 at some point, so it's all quite easy.

Leave the M1 at Junction 6a, and take the M25 towards the M11 and leave the M25 at Junction 23. The A1 leads you to Junction 23 anyway, so that works out quite well.

You'll now be at South Mimms, where you should follow signs for the A1081 - Barnet. Follow this road, crossing a roundabout into Barnet and into the High Street.

From The East/West

Again, depending where you are coming from, maybe the M3 or M11, etc, your destination is the M25. From both directions, you can take the M25 towards the M1, and leave at Junction 23.

You'll now be at South Mimms, where you should follow signs for the A1081 - Barnet. Follow this road, crossing a roundabout into Barnet and into the High Street.

From The South

Again, head to the M25. Take the M25 towards the M1, and leave at Junction 23.

You'll now be at South Mimms, where you should follow signs for the A1081 - Barnet. Follow this road, crossing a roundabout into Barnet and into the High Street.

From Central London

If you live in London or have somehow managed to get lost somewhere in London, the best route to take is most likely the North Circular (A406) Road, although it is regularly very busy.

Head northbound and exit at Finchley where the A1000 is signposted. From here, it's around 15 minutes on this road northbound into Barnet, heading through North Finchley and Whetstone before arriving in Barnet. This is a good area to park, and isn't far from the ground.

The High Street

The High Street is generally quite busy and there are some shortcuts if you can find them on say, Google Maps. Alston Road > Wood Street > Manor Road > Mays Lane is a nice little shortcut. But make sure you look it up first, we wouldn't want you to get lost.

Sticking to the high street, it is simply following the road past the church, down the hill where you will see the floodlights poking up around the housing. Turn right into Fairfield Way and right again to Westcombe Drive, though don't expect to find much parking here...


Parking around the ground is restricted by the council on matchday, therefore you may have to look a bit further afield. Just past the ground on Barnet Lane is a small parking area with limited spaces and fills up quickly and early. Don't steal my space either, please.

There is local parking just off the Great North Road (A1000) however, try around the local roads there and you're still within walking distance of the ground and indeed some of the pubs.

You can also park in High Barnet tube station, though this commands a small fee for the day. It's about a five minute walk.



New Barnet station is the local National Rail service and is on the East Coast Main Line. That said, fast services do not stop here and you would require a change at Potters Bar, Hatfield or Welwyn Garden City from the north if you have travelled on a First Capital Connect (FCC) train. These stations run local all-stopper services to New Barnet.

The FCC trains generally start at Cambridge or Peterborough and can be a bit of a money saver if travelling from the North, particularly Lincoln or Nottingham for example. If you are in a group, take advantage of the 4-for-2 group saver ticket on FCC trains.

The National Express services run through to Kings Cross, where you would have to get a local service back out to New Barnet, or the tube. This is more expensive than going via FCC routes but is generally quicker. Your call.

From the station, exit left from the stairs and out of the front entrance. Head right towards a parade of shops and you'll be on Station Road. Carry on for 20 minutes to some local pubs and the ground, or turn right for a few more pubs.


High Barnet is the very last stop on the Northern Line (the black one on the map) and is far closer to the ground. Tubes are far more frequent than overground services.

You can pick up the Northern Line from Kings Cross and you would need a 1-6 travelcard to use the tube. This also allows you to do some sightseeing around London if you wish, as it enables you to use the entire tube network and indeed some of the overground network.

From the station, turn left and down the hill. You'll already be within sight of the ground and the away pub on the corner, The Old Red Lion.



If you're anything like me, the first thing you'd be looking for is a nice pub to hole up in for an hour or two. Barnet has many, both near the ground and on the way from the train station.

The 'designated' away pub is The Old Red Lion on the corner of Underhill. It's impossible to miss. Past the railway bridge nearby you will find The Queens Arms (generally a home pub) and The Weavers a little further on.

Nearer the train station there is The Railway Tavern, just on Station Road as you exit the station, and a Wetherspoons' pub past the other railway bridge, The Railway Bell.

Further up the hill, close to the church and in the high street, The Old Mitre Inn contains a fine selection of Real Ale if you like that sort of thing, as well as After Office Hours, which is a rather sleek and upmarket affair. The Kings Head on the corner is a small, cosy pub and there's another Wetherspoons further on, The Misty Moon.

Any further and you're really heading out of town, but The Old Monken Holt is another good Real Ale pub. You could start at the top and head down if a pub crawl is your thing...

Night Out

Barnet is limited to pubs as far as a night out goes. Your best bet if you're making a weekend of it is to head into London for a night out. Expensive maybe, but there are unlimited choices if you do your homework.


Standard fare lurks around the town. There is a McDonalds in the High Street. Closer to the ground, Fresh Fry does a superb bag of chips, near The Queens Arms. The ground itself is not great for food, though you can't really go wrong with a Pukka Pie.

If you're around for a bit longer, you would do well to tuck in to a curry at the New Curry Centre, just over the road from The Queens Arms. Warm welcome, nice quiet atmosphere and a blinding bit of grub.


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