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A full record of Barnet in league competition (1965 onwards). Where we made the Playoffs, all records are inclusive of Playoff matches played.

SeasonLeague Name TierPositionPLDWDLFAPTSGD Top Scorer
2021-2022Vanarama National League 51844131120598950-30 MARRIOTT, Adam (17)
2020-2021Vanarama National League 522428727378831-51 HOOPER, Jonathan (7)
2019-2020Vanarama National LeaguePlayoffs5113715121054445710 AKINOLA, Simeon (15)
2018-2019Vanarama National League 51246161218455060-5 COULTHIRST, Shaquille (12)
2017-2018SkyBet League TwoRelegated42346121024466546-19 COULTHIRST, Shaquille (10)
2016-2017SkyBet League Two 41246141517576457-7 AKINDE, John (26)
2015-2016SkyBet League Two 41546171118676862-1 AKINDE, John (23)
2014-2015Vanarama National LeaguePromoted51462881094469248 AKINDE, John (31)
2013-2014Skrill Premier 58461913145853705 HYDE, Jake (12)
2012-2013nPower League TwoRelegated42346131221475951-12 HYDE, Jake (14)
2011-2012nPower League Two 42246121024527946-27 MCLEOD, Izale (18)
2010-2011nPower League Two 42246121222587748-19 MCLEOD, Izale (14)
2009-2010Coca Cola League Two 42146121222476348-16 O'FLYNN, John (12)
2008-2009Coca Cola League Two 41746111520567448-18 O'FLYNN, John (17)
2007-2008Coca Cola League Two 41246161218566360-7 BIRCHALL, Adam (11)
2006-2007Coca Cola League Two 41446161119557059-15 KANDOL, Tresor (7)
2005-2006Coca Cola League Two 41846121816445754-13 BAILEY, Nicky (7)
2004-2005Nationwide ConferencePromoted5142268890448646 GRAZIOLI, Giuliano (29)
2003-2004Nationwide ConferencePlayoffs544420141062487414 GRAZIOLI, Giuliano (24)
2002-2003Nationwide Conference 51142131415656853-3 AGOGO, Junior (20)
2001-2002Nationwide Conference 554219101364486716 STREVENS, Ben (9)
2000-2001Nationwide League Division ThreeRelegated4244612925678145-14 CURRIE, Darren (10)
1999-2000Nationwide League Division ThreePlayoffs46482112156058752 CHARLERY, Ken (13)
1998-1999Nationwide League Division Three 41646141319547155-17 CHARLERY, Ken (16)
1997-1998Nationwide League Division ThreePlayoffs47482013156354739 DEVINE, Sean (16)
1996-1997Nationwide League Division Three 41546141616465158-5 DEVINE, Sean (11)
1995-1996Endsleigh League Division Three 494618161265457020 DEVINE, Sean (19)
1994-1995Endsleigh League Division Three 41142151116566356-7 FREEDMAN, Dougie (24)
1993-1994Endsleigh League Division TwoRelegated3244651328418628-45 HAAG, Kelly (8)
1992-1993Barclays League Division ThreePromoted43422310966487918 BULL, Gary (17)
1991-1992Barclays League Division FourPlayoffs47442261682637219 BULL, Gary (21)
1990-1991GM Vauxhall ConferencePromoted51422697103528751 BULL, Gary (30)
1989-1990GM Vauxhall Conference 5242267981418540 BULL, Gary (17)
1988-1989GM Vauxhall Conference 5842207157571674 MURPHY, Frank (14)
1987-1988GM Vauxhall Conference 52422311893458048 EVANS, Nicky (22)
1986-1987GM Vauxhall Conference 52422510786398547 EVANS, Nicky (22)
1985-1986Gola League 51442131118566050-4 EVANS, Nicky (20)
1984-1985Gola League 515421511165952567 MAHONEY, Steve (18)
1983-1984Alliance Premier League 5942161016555858-3 MAHONEY, Steve (19)
1982-1983Alliance Premier League 5154216323557751-22 BARNES, Colin (16)
1981-1982Alliance Premier League 5184291419365241-16 BARNES, Colin (11)
1980-1981Alliance Premier League 5173812719396443-25 ROBERTS, Elwyn (6)
1979-1980Alliance Premier League 51738101018324840-16 TURNER, Steve (7)
1978-1979Southern League Premier 51342161016526458-12 CLEARY, George (18)
1977-1978Southern League Premier 57421811136358655 FAIRBROTHER, Johnny (15)
1976-1977Southern League Division One (South)Promoted6134238365257740 FAIRBROTHER, Johnny (22)
1975-1976Southern League Division One (North) 69421512155656570 AGGIO, Ray (15)
1974-1975Southern League PremierRelegated5214210923447639-32 HOLMES, Billy (14)
1973-1974Southern League Premier 5842188165547628 EASON, Les (9)
1972-1973Southern League Premier 513421511166059561 GEORGE, Ricky (9)
1971-1972Southern League Premier 54422171480577023 ADAMS, Lou (22)
1970-1971Southern League Premier 56421815969456924 ADAMS, Lou (20)
1969-1970Southern League Premier 574216151171546317 EASON, Les (26)
1968-1969Southern League Premier 512421510177266556 MEADOWS, Billy (27)
1967-1968Southern League Premier 57422081481716810 EASON, Les (21)
1966-1967Southern League Premier 554218131186666720 EASON, Les (26)
1965-1966Southern League Division One (South)Promoted61463097114499965 EASON, Les (30)


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