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Downhill Second Half Statement
An update from Downhill Second Half. By: Max Bygraves 08/04/2021

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The podcast’s Media and Communications department has monitored social media comments and understand that Bees fans need to have questions answered on the release of Series 3 of the Downhill Second Half podcast and the shows’ future moving forward.

Following a review of Bees fans comments online, here are Downhill Second Half’s responses:

1. Why has there been no news on Series 3 until now and why has it been delayed for so long?

There has been much going on behind the scenes that supporters may be unaware of so it may help everyone if we provide a rough timeline of events filling in some of the missing pieces.

We recorded a couple of great episodes early in the New Year. Since then, issues around guest reliability and at some points our own availability have hampered progress somewhat. Despite legitimate perceptions, we actually have some life commitments of our own, too.

Fortunately, we’ve had a bit of an upturn in guest uptake lately and have recorded several new shows this week, meaning we can release the first new episode a week on Monday. It’s a belter. This is later than planned but we hope those who’ve invested their time in the podcast previously will appreciate this.

Still, the delay, basically, it’s not our fault.

2. Is there an update on the podcast squad, specifically the furloughing of its members?

No members of the Downhill Second Half team have been furloughed. However, one did come mighty close to an all out removal for the near inexcusable accidental leak of an episode a few weeks ago. That mistake will not happen again.

3. It’s been said that you have lost your passion for the podcast, can supporters be reassured that this is not the case?

I don’t think anyone who truly knows us can ever say that we are not passionate about our podcast. However, we do question those who do not listen or invest time in the podcast in any way whatsoever yet constantly go on social media to abusively complain about everything. We’re not sure who these people are - but we don’t care for them. However, if these people did exist, we’d have no issue in them sharing their opinions.

Fantastically, there are some people who no longer follow Barnet for reasons of their own but listen to us just because they attended Underhill ten or more years ago. We think this is great and that they have the right to say whatever they like about the podcast or indeed Barnet FC, the players, staff and management. Currently, it is pretty fair to question how many of the aforementioned are giving everything they can for the club.

We’re interested in hearing from those that do turn up still at The Hive and also those that don’t. We like everyone. We especially love the twittering idiots whose sole intent is to revel in the past and try and enjoy some happy, fact-based memories. Real listeners never give up no matter how bad it gets, and we will never give up.

We have a lot of amazing, loyal, committed people who support our podcast and we will make sure we give you a podcast to be proud of going forwards. Sorry if this comes across strong but after nearly a year of hard work, we don’t believe any keyboard moaners have the right to question our honesty, integrity or passion for this podcast – no matter how many years it’s been since we (or anyone) attended Underhill.

4. What is your involvement in the recruitment of players for the show, can you give us an insight into how the process works?

It’s quite a simple process. We slide into the DMs of various ex-Barnet players and ask directly if they fancy it. For a few, we’ve had help by being put in touch with phone numbers, thanks to several kind individuals. All assistance of this kind is much appreciated. We’re always open to offers of being put in touch with people.

We don’t pick names out of a hat or anything like that and we are happy with our current recruitment policy. We try not to make changes at the first sign of something not working and really think out each approach for new guests.

You would be horrified if you saw some of the unanswered messages we’ve sent, however. It’s always nice to get a response, even if it’s a no. You’ve got to have a thick skin in this game and not allow yourself to react too emotionally.

5. What is your vision on the structure going forwards in terms of the podcast set up, is there an update on where DSH is with the process?

We have decided to revamp the structure in terms of the way we release episodes. Due to the recording process taking a while longer lately, moving forward, we won’t be releasing weekly but perhaps a little more intermittently, in order to give us ample to time to get new content to share with you all. We’ve thought about what is best for the people that support us in terms of the quality they will receive. A novel idea.

There are no plans for a change of structure to the current front three.

6. How will the podcast go about moving forwards from this series delay and into a successful future?

We’ve got a lot of good football people coming up in the future episodes already recorded. We’ve worked our way around the impact of Covid by working remotely but even have plans for live recordings in the not too distant future, all being well.

Our priority was to hold everything together and ride out the storm to date with the disruptions to the new series. We have managed to steer through, although it has been incredibly difficult at times with so many unanswered messages. Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel and the final edits for the new series are well under-way.

Today (and anytime) our results are not important as the outcome will be the same whether people listen or not. We enjoy it but we hope others do, too. If not, they’re welcome to their opinion, regardless of how often they listen to the show. We’re not an actual football team where results and pride should matter irrespective of anything else.

We are excited at the prospect of Series 3, which is one of the great things about podcasts, every series we all start again with the same new opportunities!

Thanks to all for your constant unwavering support!

Stay tuned to Downhill Second Half’s social media accounts in the coming days as we share more ‘On This Day’ memories before the full release of the next podcast episode on Monday 19th April.


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